Advisory Committee

In the interest of providing sound governance, an advisory committee was established a few years ago to assist the Net Manager in the operation of the South-Cars’ net on 7.251 MHZ. This committee, referred to as: the “South-Cars Advisory Committee,” (SAC).


The committee will consist of seven members, who have demonstrated, above and beyond service to South-Cars; coupled with a genuine loyalty to the organization. Members of South-Cars will be requested to serve on the “SAC” by the Net Manager. The Net Manager, will have the right to replace members of the “SAC” as the need arises. Members may decline to serve if they have no desire to participate. In the interest of maintaining member’s privacy, the membership of the “SAC” will be anonymous. This is done only to prevent the over burdening of comments or complaints to the committee's members. There is already an avenue for this type of input, under "About South Cars" "Questions or Comments."


To act as a sounding board; assisting the Net Manager, by providing recommendations for conflict resolution.

To provide recommendations for the replacement of staff members, who have demonstrated flagrant or repeated disregard for good order and conduct on the South-Cars net.

To provide recommendations for the daily operations of South-Cars.

To evaluate recommendations for change and/or activities, submitted by the membership.

To function as good will ambassadors for the purpose of strengthening the bonds of South-Cars.


The “South-Cars Advisory Committee” is strictly advisory in nature. It can only provide recommendations to the Net Manager; all final decisions shall be that of the Net Manager.

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