SCARS: How To Make a Donation
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We request the assistance of our membership to consider a small donation ($1, $5 or whatever you can afford) to help with the website’s expenses. SCARS is a nonprofit organization, therefore we are in need of your assistance. ANY size donation is a BIG help.
With a membership quickly approaching 12,000, we hope you will assist with these unforeseen expenses. Thank you all for your continued support of South-Cars.

We have set up several ways to donate:


Best Option as we pay no fees. 100% of your donation goes to Rick, as long as you send to Family and Friends via Pay Pal. Other methods cost a small processing fee.
To Donate using your Pay Pal Account. Log into your Pay Pal Account, and use the "Send Money to Friends and Family Option" (No Fees usng this option). Send your donation (Any Amount) directly to Rick ND4Z using his Pay Pal e mail: " " . You can also log into your Pay Pal Account and use your Credit Card to Donate, or via your bank account.

Cash / Check Or Money Order :

Send Small amounts of Cash ($1,$2,$5,$10), or larger amounts using a check or money order made payable to Rick Hatalski. Send to Cash / Checks & Money Orders To Rick at: