How to Become a
Member of South-Cars


How do I become a member, (or get a member #) of South-Cars?

It's easy and it is FREE. 
You Must Hold General class license, or higher, to check in with South-Cars.

South-Cars is on the air everyday on 40 meters @ 7.251mhz. This portion of the band is for General Class and Higher Operators.

Our sessions are from 8AM to 1PM, EST. First: PLEASE CHECK IN ON AIR DURING ANY NET SESSION.

When you check in, tell the Net Control Station this is your first time checking in. Click Here to Read the Check In Procedure.

After your check in on air, e mail your info, (Name / Birth day {Day and Month only [Optional We only use this to wish you a happy "Birthday Day"] } / Call Sign / Current Address) to Mark, the Data Base Manager.  Mark's e mail is .  Mark will confirm your License Status. During the  time you are waiting for your member # you can still check in any/every day, just inform the NCS your # is pending when you check in.

Your info will be added to the roster on the next update.  We update the roster by Tuesday morning of each week.

Thank you for your interest in Southcars!


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