1) A previous Net Manager eliminated, to some degree, the use of relays. Well, it is the intent of our current Net Manager to reinstitute the use of relays. However, the Net Control will enlist the help of other Net Controls or substitute Net Controls, who may be on frequency, to conduct the relays. If there are no other NC’s on frequency, then the NCS will ID a person on frequency, that they feel, in his or her opinion, is proficient in conducting a relay and only that or those requested person(s), will perform the relay. This is to prevent having two or more people trying to relay a station in to the net at the same time. With band conditions the way they are, relays do become a necessity from time-to-time; remember, you as the NCS, are always in control of the Net; in accordance with the guidelines as set forth by the Net Manager.
2) When calling the net, the NCS will call a list of “Mobiles and Mobiles Only.” Do not call for “Mobiles, Portables, or QRP” stations on the same list. However, after you have exhausted all mobile check-ins; if you desire and before calling for anyone anywhere, you can call for a list of QRPs and Portables only. To give priority to a Portable Station is discouraged, because the majority are no more disadvantaged than most of those who check-in from their home QTH. A sizeable number of base station antennas, are on average, no more than 18 to 20 feet off the ground and they are running 100 watts, about the same as found in most Portable operations.
3) Definition of a Mobile Station per South-Cars:
A vehicle that has a transmitter and an antenna fixed mechanically to the vehicle: car, truck, SUV, bike, or motorcycle. If one is parked with an external antenna hanging up in a tree or on a pole, this is not mobile operation. If on foot, then one must be carrying the transmitter with an attached antenna to that transmitter, like an HT. The use of a cell phone, laptop, notebook, or any other type of equipment that links one to a base station (theirs or someone else’s) then one is operating “REMOTE!” Not Mobile.
4)There has been some confusion on providing priority to mobile check-ins, so I would like to clear this up. Yes, we do give priority to mobiles by calling for mobiles on their own list before we call any others. We take a list of mobiles then a list of fixed/anyone anywhere, then we repeat the process. If a mobile checks in during the call for fixed/anyone anywhere list, it is not a requirement to put the mobile ahead of any other check-ins, unless, they declare an emergency, or the need for some assistance, or if their signal is marginal and the band conditions are such that you may loose them before you work the list to them; its your call as the NCS. Also, if the NCS desires, he or she, can take a list of QRP's, or Portables operating on a compromised antenna i.e. out in the woods etc. and not at a alternate base QTH."
5)It has been my desire, ever since I became the South-Cars Net Manager, to bring consistency to the operation of the NET and to reduce lag-time in its operation. I have observed for several months, we are taking too much time with the turnover of NCS’s, when there are two NCS’s running a one hour session, i.e. when the NCS running the second half of the session finishes, he/she returns the control back to the NCS who started the first half, to turn the net over to the upcoming NCS. This practice is not necessary or desired. The NCS of the second half should close-out that hour session and turn control to the next NCS at the top of the hour. This will save valuable time; keeping the net running smoothly while maintaining the interest of those members waiting to check-in to South-Cars.