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A better way to Help fellow Operators with Poor Audio and Signal Reports.

Every ham is greatfull when they receive a report of "Bad RF on your signal" or simular serious station issues. This is something they want to fix ASAP!

However If you want to help a staion operator with bad audio / or low signal the best way to do it is off air. A polite e mail to the station with problems with an offer to help, is much more appreciated, than telling them "ON AIR" "You have terrible audio. Or your station sounds terrible".

Remember this net is supposed to be fun. It is recommended if you wish to report bad audio or other things to another station, a short e mail with an offer to help. This will be much more appreciated, than a BLAST on air for all to hear, which just might cause hurt feelings. Set a Sked, find a spot, and work together!! You will be rewarded by a gratefull ham, instead of hurt feelings! You might just make a new friend!!

sCARS abides by the code of conduct.
Remmember Be Nice, be polite, and have fun!



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Currently all NCS slots are filled.

We can always use alternate NCS.

Contact W4FHC FRED

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