Southcars Traders Net (On Air) and Traders Post (Online)

10AM to 11AM Eastern Time -- Every Wednesday on 7.251mhz!

This net is for the use of any licensed amateur radio operator with general class or higher license, wishing to buy, sell, or swap any amateur radio related equipment including computers and associated equipment.

The Trader’s Net (On Air) is conduced only on Wednesday’s from 10AM till 11AM. You may list your item, or items, during the Trader’s Net session, which is held immediately following the close of the 9AM to 10AM session. Each listing is restricted to no more than 3 items per week. We request that each listing be kept to a minimum; to include only the brand name, model number, (what it is, i.e. transceiver, receiver, amp., etc.), condition (cosmetics and operational; rated on a scale of 1 to 10), price, and contact information. Please, no history or sales pitch, this can be discussed with the buyer when they contact you. It is imperative, we keep the listings brief.

In addition to the "On Air Traders Net" We also have an online "Traders Post" (Online).

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Read Below for All Listing Submission Information
You Agree to All Terms and Disclossures when you submit a listing.


Please Read

South-Cars is not liable for any false claims or fraud committed by a seller, buyer or trader, and do not represent the sellers or traders; all transactions are between the seller and buyer; South-Cars assumes no responsibility in these transactions. This service follows the guidelines and procedures set forth by South-Cars. The Net does not have any pecuniary interest. Any discovery of a violation will result in the violator(s) being banned from using this service. Also, if two or more verifiable complaints are received on participants (sellers, buyers, or traders), they will also be banned once contacted by the Net Manager. All complaints must be submitted to the Net Manager, ND4Z – Rick, at

SCARS is not responsible for any incorrect info, be it on the air or on the web site regardless who is at fault.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAKE SURE YOUR LISTING IS COMPLETE AND ACCURATE! IT WILL BE POSTED JUST AS YOU HAVE SUBMITTED! South-Cars is not responsible or liable for any inaccurate information in these listings, regardless who is at fault.

Required information in your Submission:

Full call and name; contact information (E-mail address and phone numbers); South-Cars member number if you have one; item for sale, trade, or want, to include: brand name – model – what it is (transceiver etc...), price; condition cosmetically and operationally on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being like new. No sales pitch or history, you can discuss this with those who contact you. We want to keep this simple. Remember, only ham radio related equipment; computers are OK if required for operation of radio equipment, i.e. SDR radios. If all information, as requested here in, is not provided, your listing will not be published to the web site and notification of such will not be sent back to you.


All transactions made over the Trader’s Net are between the buyer and seller only. South-Cars is in no way responsible for any problems encounter with any misrepresentations or fraud committed either by the buyer, seller or trader. The Trader’s Net is for non-commercial dealings only and is not for dealers or users who may use the net for personal profit as per FCC regulations part 97 regarding a non-commercial involvement.

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